Vacuum Engineering Services are a specialist company offering leak test solutions to a variety of industries worldwide.

Formed in 1994 from Leybold Ltd, we offer unrivalled expertise in helium leak testing, having manufactured and successfully sold more than 500 machines. Our experienced personnel use their many years of expertise in designing and manufacturing to provide bespoke vacuum and leak detection systems.

All our machines are designed in Manchester, United Kingdom and manufactured for shipment worldwide. Vacuum Engineering Services, as our name suggests, also manufactures vacuum systems for a wide range of other applications: film-coating, central-vacuum units and vacuum-drying systems to name but a few.

Vacuum Engineering Services take pride in being a customer-focused company, tailoring high-quality systems to meet our customers’ technical and budgetary requirements. Vacuum Engineering Services is a worldwide supplier with machines currently in use throughout Europe, Asia, North America and South Africa.

Vacuum Engineering Services are a 100% helium leak test company specialising in this niche market. Vacuum Engineering Services operate a continuous improvement policy.

The leak test machines we supply are used for guaranteeing leak tightness to very high levels and are used in a variety of industries; automotive equipment, nuclear industry and fire extinguishers to name but a few. These machines are employed on production lines in operation 24/7 where reliable and repeatable results are of paramount importance.

Additional services we offer:

  • In house test rigs of various types
  • International after sales and maintenance service
  • Remote customer support and spare parts supply
  • Service for vacuum systems and other manufacturers’ machines
  • Service engineers at customer’s site within 24hrs from time of call
  • In-house servicing of vacuum pumps and mass-spectrometers
  • Machine upgrades and retrofits (both our own and other manufacturers’ machines)
  • Comprehensive training courses and conslitancy service on helium leak testing and vacuum technology
  • Tailored on-site leak testing service

For any enquiries, additional information or to arrange a meeting with us please contact us.