Fuel Systems

30% of all cars in Europe and the USA are fitted with a fuel tank which has been through a VES helium leak test system. Our fuel test systems help guarantee your components meet the manufacturers specification with the quickest and best testing system available: dedicated helium leak testing machines for fuel cells.

As the world moves away from internal combustion engines, VES have developed the most efficient and effective methods for leak testing battery cells, hydrogen fuel cells and methane fuel cells.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Our testing systems are built to conform to industry standards, using an aluminium chamber design with a volume optimised solution and state of the art cooling.

Hydrogen fuel cells are increasingly used in many modes of transport, including cars, buses, trucks and boats. VES have over 25 years experience in leaking testing equipment. We custom build our leak testing equipment to ensure it meets client requirements, along with national and international standards in all parts of the world.

10 Helium Leak Testing Challenges With Fuel Systems

Production capacity depends not only on volumes of products out of the door, but also on minimising waste. All VES machines are designed and manufactured to ensure a CPK of 1.67. This means that you can be confident that your passes are passes, your fails are fails, and your line is running at full optimisation.

VES have refined our design system, down to the last screw. We aim to ensure the fuel systems leak testing machine we build for you is comprised of proven quality components whilst maintaining the most cost effective procurement strategy. This means we can pass our advantages on to the end user. VES will never compromise on quality. Our reputation is based on providing trouble free and long lasting operation at a fair price. We are confident this will allow your organisation to thrive with the best in quality assurance. With production capacity maximised, your output will be as high as possible with a VES machine in your arsenal.

Founded in 1986, VES have been through many changes in legislation spanning industry types worldwide. We have experienced team members with the knowledge to navigate our way through the sometimes tumultuous world of legislation in the automotive industry. Built on the requirement to ensure our skies are clear and the environment as clear of hydrocarbons as possible, we gained an unrivalled understanding in the world of fuel systems, HVAC and harmful gas industries. We ensure products tested on our systems not only conform to the required standards, but contribute to a safe and clean environment for our future generations. VES are proud to be involved in making the world a better place.

Finding the smallest leaks means our machines require technology that changes the pressures both inside and outside of the test piece. This causes issues with overstressing products and potentially causing catastrophic failures after the test has completed. VES control, monitor and maintain this pressure differential, ensuring your product is tested safely and efficiently, time and time again.

VES understand that our Helium Leak Testers need to smoothly integrate into the production line in order to maintain productivity and efficiency. Therefore we work with automation experts to integrate state of the art conveyor systems. This allows parts to transition efficiently in and out of our machines and onto the next production cycle.

We understand that floor space is at a premium in most places of work. Due to our modular machine design, we are able to customise the layout of the machine to fit your footprint requirements. VES have also developed our Optvol leak detector; a volume optimised leak detector where the vacuum chamber size is kept to a minimum which in turn reduces the vacuum pump sizes. This keeps the footprint of the machine to a minimum.

With manufacturing techniques constantly improving, automotive industries can now utilise high pressure applications and benefit from their advantages. VES have developed robust designs and unique safety mechanisms. We have worked with 3rd party safety experts to analyse and approve our designs, enabling us to assure the customer we are a safe pair of hands when it comes to high pressure testing.

With customers expecting more from their product than ever, the automotive industry is having to adapt and become more flexible. We now have to offer a larger product range, which comes with different demands and testing requirements for fuel cells. Our modular designs enable us to accept and test multiple products.

In the past two years we have seen an increase in the price of helium by 30-40%. For the leak detection industry this brings great concern to the running costs associated with helium. VES produce multiple products which can reduce your helium usage. Solutions include: Helium recovery systems, Helium re-purification and Gas mixing.

We understand the pressures of the large scale production environment. Our reputation has been built on ensuring your product has not only the highest quality, but is produced in the largest quantity. Our proposal process considers required cycle times and we will not quote a machine unless we are able to hit these requirements.

Reliable Leak Testing

VES have design and build testing systems to deliver optimum performance in fuel cell testing environments. Fuel cells are made up of multiple layers of material, including an Anode, Cathode and Electrolyte. Any leakage from these sealed layers can be detrimental to the performance of the cells. Common testing methods of fuel cells include pressure drop and pressure rise. Both these methods have significant disadvantages in production for repeatable and reliable results. To ensure leak tightness of the cells and optimise performance, a helium leak test can be carried out. Legalisation and best practice require parts to be tested to 2 x 10-4mbar.l/sec.

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