At VES, we specialise in delivering quality solutions based on our customers’ needs and we understand the growing importance of sustainability.

Our strategic framework summarises focus areas for sustainable development: People, Environment and Products & Customers. The framework is based on a materiality analysis which has identified the most important sustainability topics, based on impact and stakeholder expectations.

We are signed up to Worldfavor and report our progress in these three areas annually.


We pride ourselves on delivering quality solutions to our customers and our people’s knowledge and expertise are crucial to deliver this. It’s paramount that our employees have a safe working environment, feel good and develop in the organisation. Helping to create the conditions for long-term growth of our business by focusing on continuously developing leadership skills and competencies, having inclusive teams and workplaces where people thrive and by ensuring that there are safe and healthy working conditions.

Our goal is to have 100% engaged people, with the following focus areas:

  • Health & Safety

  • Employee engagement

  • Diversity & inclusion

  • Leadership & development

Our progress so far has included implementing Winning temp to monitor employee engagement, ongoing development opportunities and always prioritising H&S.


Climate issues are high on our agenda, and we see the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions as crucial. Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality in scope 1 & 2 by 2030.

In 2020 we started measuring our carbon emissions for scope 1 & 2 and we’re now extending to scope 3. We’ve analysed our emissions to understand hotspots and identify relevant measures and priorities going forward in the pursuit of climate neutrality.

Products & Customers

At VES, we pride ourselves on quality and our customer focused approach. VES provides high quality leak detection systems with a long service life and through experience of our customers’ systems and processes in combination with high technical expertise, we often help streamline customers’ operations and offer solutions that reduce their environmental impact, or contribute with other benefits, for example improved working environment.

Our goal is to contribute to sustainability development for customers via products and solutions, with the following focus areas:

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Sustainable innovation

  • Reducing the footprint of our solutions

At VES we consistently strive to be more sustainable, we understand there is always more to be done and work collaboratively with all partners to develop sustainable solutions for people, environment and products.