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The Biggest Problem Facing Helium Leak Testing Today

Test gasses can only be diluted so far before the integrity of the test is compromised, and having to buy more helium for every test only pushes the helium shortage further and prices higher. Now more than ever, reusing helium is of paramount importance.

Historically, it has been a challenge to implement a helium recovery system retrospectively, particularly in low-pressure applications such as fuel or gas tanks. This is due to helium dilution in the test being unsustainable when recycled, or subsequent fresh helium top-up draining away any cost savings.

PURE helium recovery and purification system

Solving Helium Shortages with PURE

The unique PURE helium recovery and purification system recovers helium from any leak test machine:

  • VES’ PURE helium recovery system purifies to a much higher concentration than any other helium recovery solution.

  • PURE is plug-and-play, there’s no need to shut down production for days. Our quick and easy setup lets you start boosting line profitability straight away.

  • It is compatible with any HeLT using helium at < 3 bar.

  • PURE is transferable between machines, meaning one PURE system could be transferred between high volume lines to meet production requirements.

  • PURE vastly outstrips other helium recovery systems in both helium recovery and purity.

  • PURE can accept helium mixed in air/nitrogen at 70% and purify it to your required machine input pressure and concentration – so even low leak rate tests can be run at high efficiency, without widescale parameter changes.

  • PURE does not require changes in the machine’s pre-evacuation levels, so there’s no need to drastically change cycle times to save helium.

Return on Investment

Scenario One:

A test on a 181-litre volume pickup truck tank. The tank was pre-evacuated to 29 mbar and injected with 120 mbar of fresh helium, resulting in a 77% helium concentration during the test. After the test, the tank was evacuated to 55 mbar and the evacuated gas exhausted from the system.

After implementing PURE, the exhausted gas was recaptured and the 77% helium mix was re-concentrated to >99%. This gas was fed back into the machine at 2 bar.

Implementing PURE to reduce helium usage saved $0.27 per tank, resulting in a 1.6 year payback.

Scenario Two:

A test on a 90-litre volume car tank. The tank was pre-evacuated to 6 mbar, and 74 mbar of fresh helium was injected on top, meaning a 91% helium concentration was used during the test. Post-test, the tank was evacuated to 31 mbar and the evacuated gas exhausted from the system.

Using PURE, the exhausted gas was captured and the 91% helium mix was reconcentrated to >99% and fed back into the machine at 2 bar. Using PURE saved $0.11 per tank and demonstrated a 2.0-year return on investment to reduce the cost of helium leak testing.

Return on investment for helium leak testing machine

PURE Model Specification

From the built-in helium concentration meter to the simple HMI display, every aspect of PURE is designed to make helium recovery and purification simple, flexible, and traceable!

Internal Elements

  • Gas Storage Bottles and Valve Plate

  • Helium Filtration Technology

  • Compressor

  • Gas Inlet 1.25” BSPP Female

  • Helium Atmospheric 400 Litre Storage Bag

  • Large Buffer Volume for Purified Helium

External Elements

  • HMI Display

  • Removable Panel for Access (Side)

  • Double Hinged Doors for Access (Front)

PURE helium recovery and purification system

“Our expert engineers created the PURE system because we wanted our customers to get the most from their helium, especially now costs have risen, regardless of what testing machines they use.”

– Alex Garner, Sales Manager

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