The quality demands of world class manufacturers are very high, particularly for the automotive industry. Leaks being found after a component has been assembled into a vehicle, are simply not acceptable to the motor manufacturers. The cost of poor quality in warranty costs, and potentially the loss of customers is enormous. 100% leak testing of products as part of the production process enables quality to be guaranteed. Applications for automotive component manufacturers are diverse, including all air conditioning parts, all fuel system parts (to avoid emissions), air suspension systems, suspension air spring, engine, gear box, brake systems, cooling systems etc. All pressurised automotive components need to be tested for leaks. For many of these components the leak rate limits are too tight for traditional pressure decay methods. Helium leak testing guarantees the leak tightness of the whole component sent on to your supplier.


Vacuum Engineering Services (VES) understand the challenges the HVAC industry is facing with increasingly strict SEER regulations that increase product complexity and has developed innovative leak testing solutions to solve them.

Clean Energy

VES can offer pressure differential management in fuel cells or high pressure safety standards in composite tanks, IP67 testing in batteries and efficiency testing in cell stacks. Clean technology requires smarter leak testing. See how we do it.


Container integrity testing in accordance with GAMP standards using relatable and ultra sensitive tracer gas technology. With helium leak test technology configured to sense less than a 5 micron channel through any hole this is the best test regime available.