VES are helium leak test experts. We have manufactured over 1600 machines for production environments and we support these from our technical and service centres throughout the USA, Mexico, UK, Czech Republic, and China.

As a company, we focus on being customer-centric. Whether this be through our continuous innovation, total engagement and open-door practices, or through our core service and support offerings. We pride ourselves on our ability to be agile and work as a team to support our clients.

As an organisation our vision is to be the premier supplier of gold star equipment into helium leak test applications. We recognise that quality is remembered for a long time. As such we look to imbue each of our machines with the mastery we have obtained through over 300 years of combined helium leak testing knowledge.

Key Services for our Customers

  • Design and Manufacture of Systems

  • Service and After Sales Support

  • Training and Consultancy

  • On-Site or In-House Helium Leak Testing

  • Machine Upgrades and Retrofits

Our Background

Formed in 1994 from Leybold Ltd, we offer unrivalled expertise in helium leak testing, having manufactured and successfully sold more than 1,600 machines. Our experienced personnel use their years of expertise in designing and manufacturing to provide bespoke vacuum and leak detection systems.

We are a specialist company offering leak test solutions worldwide. All of our machines are designed in Manchester, United Kingdom and are in use throughout Europe, Asia, North America and South Africa.

What Makes VES Unique

Vacuum engineering process

VES (Vacuum Engineering Services) Established

Our company charter was signed in Manchester, UK. VES was a direct MBO from Leybold / Inficon – one of the world's largest vacuum component manufacturers.


In 1996 VES' management team focused on the development of tracer gas-based leak detection systems for manufacturing industries.


VES win major order for 20+ leak detection systems to be shipped internationally (both east and west).

Establishment of VES Inc

VES win major order for 20+ leak detection systems to be shipped internationally (both east and west).

VES Mexico Established

With over 100 systems installed in Mexico, VES establish a local organisation dedicated to after sales support.

Join Indutrade Group

VES is fully acquired by the Indutrade Group. A €2.3B company floated on the Swedish stock market.

New Energies

VES focus on up-and-coming market segment, so called “New Energies” and establish strategic roadmap for market entry and success, for leak testing high pressure hydrogen fuel tanks.


VES establish manufacturing sites throughout UK, Romania, Malaysia & Mexico.

2nd UK Manufacturing Site

Focused on the manufacturing and commissioning of high-pressure leak test solutions for the ‘New Energies’ market.


VES acquire strategic market partner for high pressure skill set, qualifications and experience.

We take great pride in being a customer-focused company, tailoring high-quality systems to meet our customers’ technical and budgetary requirements.

The leak test machines we supply are used for guaranteeing leak tightness to very high levels and are used in a variety of industries; automotive equipment, nuclear industry and fire extinguishers to name but a few. These machines are employed on production lines in operation 24/7 where reliable and repeatable results are of paramount importance.

We also manufacture vacuum systems for a wide range of other applications, such as film-coating, battery cell leak testing, refrigerant testing, central vacuum units, and vacuum-drying systems. Got any questions? Check out our FAQs.

Additional Services for our Customers

  • In-house test rigs of various types

  • International after-sales and maintenance service

  • Remote customer support and spare parts supply

  • Machine upgrades and retrofits (both our own and other manufacturers’ machines)

  • Service engineers at customer’s site within 24hrs from time of the call

  • In-house servicing of vacuum pumps and mass spectrometers

  • Service for vacuum systems and other manufacturers’ machines

  • Tailored on-site leak testing service

  • Comprehensive training courses and consultancy services on helium leak testing and vacuum technology

  • For any additional bespoke services please contact us.