The Launch of OptVol Technology

VES are proud of our OptVol Technology, an all-in-one leak testing machine specifically designed for fuel cell manufacturers. Our helium leak testing machines that use our exclusive OptVol technology benefit from a small footprint, easily interchangeable tooling for different product variants, and a lightweight design. This enables ease of movement between production lines as production demands change.

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The Best Choice for Fuel Cells

Pressure decay, the current default leak testing method for fuel cell manufacturing, is unreliable and the need for re-testing slows down production. This has been catastrophic to the success of fuel cells. OptVol leak testing uses the tried-and-tested hard vacuum tracer gas method. This provides the manufacturer and their customers with peace of mind in knowing that their product and stack have been leak-tested to 1e10-5 mbar.l/sec.

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    OptVol Technology™ is supported by the VES service network USA/Mexico, Europe, and India.
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