It was a pleasure hosting engineers from our Mexico facility along with a renowned customer at our Manchester plant.

The purpose was to perform a factory acceptance test on the newly built custom vacuum leak detection system and allow hands-on experience.

The leak test system was manufactured for a global leader in advanced marine and offshore cooling compressors. It is designed for easy top loading of the test component onto a solid base plate. The operator then manually connects the hoses to the compressor to initiate automated chamber closure.

The test runs fully automatically from that point, registering either a pass or fail to complete the procedure. The lid moves toward the fixed chamber, stopping before contact so shotbolts can lock it in place with a gap. This allows an initial high-pressure gross test using dry air/nitrogen.

After passing the gross test, the lid seals against the chamber, encapsulating the product for helium leak testing. A vacuum is created and helium is charged into the component while a mass spectrometer monitors for helium levels rising above a set point.

Once the test succeeds, the system vents and recovers the helium, compressing it into a reservoir for reuse. The chamber automatically opens for test component removal. Failed tests require the operator to acknowledge the failure before continuing, preventing overlooked failures.

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