Battery Production Process

Leak Testing Battery Cells

As leak testing experts, VES know the importance of testing battery cells to a high standard before they enter the market.

However, most battery cell leak testers can only be used partway through the production process, before the lithium-ion liquid is added. This leaves you and your customers vulnerable to leaks caused later in the process, for example during the final weld of the battery cell.

That’s why we created CellCheck, our end-of-line battery cell leak detection machine designed specifically for leak testing battery cells. The only machine on the market that tests the finished product, CellCheck is the only leak tester that can guarantee leak-tight batteries.

Dangers of Leaking Battery Cells 

The consequences of a leaking battery can range from inconvenient to outright dangerous – that’s why leak testing battery cells to a high standard is so important.

Here are just a few of the most common problems a poor-quality leak test can cause.

Leaking electrolyte from a battery cell can combine with air or water, producing dangerous substances such as hydrofluoric acid.
Battery cells overheating and combusting can produce large amounts of hydrofluoric acid and potentially other harmful substances.
Faulty battery cells in a battery pack will reduce the overall efficiency of the pack.

Customers will expect you to replace any faulty batteries you sell to them – costing you money and reputation.

One leaking battery cell can cause other cells to overheat and leak, increasing the impact of these problems and damaging the whole battery pack.

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