Although the global landscape has changed during the pandemic of 2020, VES has stood shoulder to shoulder with our customers to support their business needs and delivered over 40 leak test projects. As our equipment is exported globally VES had to move quickly to ensure our in-house acceptance process (FAT) was as transparent and inclusive remotely as it would be in person.

Firstly, VES established an opt-in pre-FAT process for any customers. This took place approximately 10 days before the scheduled FAT and gave our customers the chance to view the entirety of their system over a digital platform with their dedicated VES project engineer. This allowed customers to snag before the full FAT process. For our customers, this meant there were no surprises during the FAT process and importantly no disruption to the delivery schedule afterwards.

For the full FAT, VES set up a multi HD-camera system to offer several views of our systems, including the operator interaction area, the HMI, the process cycle chart and a dedicated camera for the VES project engineer to ensure easy communication.

multi HD-camera system


In a recent customer survey regarding our new FAT process, 100% of all customers responded that they were satisfied with the FAT process, 50% said they would consider the remote FAT even when travel restrictions have been lifted, and 100% of all customers surveyed responded that they would recommend VES to a friend or colleague.