Vacuum chamber leak detection machines are the gold standard in leak detection, but the investment in a machine can be costly – roughly 4x more than localised leak solutions, and a whopping 6x more than differential pressure solutions.

Our engineers at VES have developed a solution – a mass spectrometry leak detection system that can detect leaks as small as 1.0e-03 mbarL/s with Helium, or 1.0e-02 mbarL/s with 5% Hydrogen, without using an expensive vacuum chamber. We call it Accuro.

Unlike pressure differential systems, Accuro isn’t impacted by temperature or volume changes, meaning you can get repeatable, reliable results and cut down on false rejections and unnecessary scrap.

Accuro is also extremely versatile – we create each machine according to each customer’s needs, so it can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic, and tools are easily interchangeable, so can be replaced easily and multiple products can be tested on a single machine. There are a range of other modifications that can be made, such as adding a Helium recovery system, a reject hopper for defective products, a barcode scanner for traceability, and more, including VESView, an application that enables you to monitor your system via the web.

Accuro is ideal for a range of products, including radiators, airbags, airsprings, transmission components, headlights, harnesses, medical components, and more.

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