Here’s Alvaro, one of our experienced electrical engineers, pictured working on this customised hard vacuum helium leak detection system designed for production line testing state-of-the-art ultrasonic smart gas meter casings.

The leak test system has been designed so the operator can quickly and easily position the inner and outer gas meter casings separately into secure tooling plate locations. The gas meter inlet and outlet ports are also blanked and face sealed with bespoke tooling.

Starting the customer specific leak test cycle, the vacuum chamber lid will smoothly lower down into position, encapsulating and sealing both meter casings, along with the tooling plate and leak test assemblies.

Once the chamber is sealed closed the tooling cylinders now inside the chamber will actuate and connect, creating a seal on the casings. The system will demonstrate the ability to repeatedly distinguish between the meter casings stringent pass and fail criteria.

The leak test system is built for testing a series of advanced gas meter casings helping maintain metering accuracy, for our customer, an industry-leading global player in providing smart metering for utilities and end-users around the world to improve their energy efficiency.

Once the machine is finalised with a factory acceptance test, the system will be transported to Greece for full on-site installation and commissioning along with all the essential safety and operator training.

For assistance with our safe, reliable and efficient leak detection systems designed for testing advanced gas meter components, please contact our sales engineers by email at