Here we have the latest leak test module (LTM) currently being built at one of our Manchester manufacturing facilities.

The leak test module features the vacuum test chamber which has been designed to test four of the type 4 hydrogen storage tanks simultaneously. Once the 4 tanks have been automatically loaded into the chamber by a series of conveyors, the first part of the test pulls a vacuum, checking for a gross leak on the tank up to 20 bar.

Once the gross leak check is complete the product is fuelled before being held at high pressure to undergo the test. Once complete, the hydrogen pressure vessels are defueled in stages, partly within the vacuum chamber and then the majority of the defuel occurring at external defueling stations.

As the world drives towards a greener future, away from fossil-fuelled vehicles, our VES New Energies division has developed and produced effective high volume production line leak detection systems for testing the next generation of high pressure hydrogen fuel tanks, contributing to a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel-derived transportation.

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