Here we have Damon, one of our experienced mechanical engineers busy building a high pressure coupling and chamber feed-through component, which will be fixed inside a large vacuum chamber currently being produced at our manufacturing facility in Manchester.

The large vacuum chamber is part of the leak test module, integral to the overall system designed for leak testing high pressure hydrogen fuel tanks for vehicles.

The overall system also includes the high pressure generation unit, for test gas compression, test gas recovery and test gas analysis equipment. The heat exchanger equipment, for managing gas temperatures in line with high pressure vessel on tank valve requirements.

Our types of leak test solutions built for testing high pressure vessels have been designed to be able to evolve as the production volume increases.

Damon’s experience and skills are vitally important for building the critical hydrogen vessel leak testing systems that are integrated directly into the high volume automotive production line and where the integrity of the high pressure vessels has to meet specific industry standards and regulations.

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