Here we have James, one of our commissioning engineers, busy working on a significant number of single chamber leak detection systems designed for production testing advanced HDPE blow-moulded fuel tanks for all-terrain vehicles.

The leak test systems are designed for supporting and meeting stringent North American evaporative emissions regulations and are being produced for a global industry leader with a long successful history in designing and manufacturing a multitude of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), built for various work and play environments and applications.

VES has a wealth of experience and knowledge with checking fuel tanks, having supplied its first helium leak test system for the UK in 1996. Since then, supplying over 140 production line systems with 40% being produced for the US, with others throughout Europe, North and South America, Africa, China and South Korea. VES are proud suppliers to most major automotive blow-moulded fuel tank suppliers.

Checking fuel tanks for potential leaks is challenging and requires specialised systems and experience. Our leak detection systems need to show a 6 sigma Cpk, manage pressure differential to avoid damaging the tanks and meet specific cycle times for production.

The leak test systems have to manage helium background issues, minimise costly helium consumption and provide a compact footprint for production along with collecting essential test data.

For assistance with our safe, reliable and efficient leak detection systems designed for testing blow-moulded fuel tanks, please contact our sales engineers by email at for more information.