NEW! OptVol in Augmented Reality

We’ve harnessed the power of Augmented Reality to help you picture OptVol in Your Environment. We can put the machine right in front of you, right now – just enter your email address below!

Having trouble picturing OptVol in your facility?

We have the solution – enter your email address below to instantly see the leak detection system that’s revolutionising the industry – where you are, in AR!

How to Navigate AR

Step 01

Open the link with your phone or tablet and click "View in AR" to see OptVol in your environment. You may need to turn your camera permissions on.

Step 02

Scan the room with your phone. The AR software will then inspect the area and place the OptVol machine.

Step 03

Move the machine into place with one finger, and turn it with two fingers. Rotate the machine by swiping it, and pinch to zoom.

OptVol machine

Why OptVol?


44% reduction in helium consumption

10% improvement in cycle times

85% reduction in weight

Interchangeable tooling and small footprint - easily move between production lines

74% reduction in physical footprint, saving you factory floor space

Repeatable, reliable results - OptVol can leak test to 1e10-5 mbar.l/sec