A Small-Form Solution to a Big Problem


VES, the world leader in leak testing solutions, has launched a compact helium leak testing system, aimed at solving the problem of leakage for fuel cell manufacturers. 

Manchester-based engineering specialists VES are proud to announce the launch of their small-form helium leak testing system. Built on their proprietary platform, the unique system utilises OptVol Technology and has been specifically designed for fuel cell manufacturers. 

OptVol Technology by VES uses the traditional hard vacuum tracer gas method, and offers the manufacturer and their customers the peace of mind of knowing that their product and stack have been leak-tested to 1e10-5 mbar.l/sec.

A helium leak testing system that incorporates OptVol Technology benefits from a small footprint, easily interchangeable tooling for different product variants, and a lightweight design for ease of movement between production lines as production demands change.

With over 25 years of leak testing experience, VES have combined their knowledge and expertise to create this best-in-class leak testing technology. “Leakage has proved catastrophic to the success of fuel cells – one large manufacturer mentioned a success rate in their pressure decay test station of below 60%. Pressure decay is clearly not working for the fuel cell industry,” says Daniel Michael, Head of Engineering at VES. “After speaking with many industry leaders about the issue, we believe we have developed the ideal solution to this ongoing problem.”

About OptVol

OptVol Technology is supported by the VES service network USA/Mexico, Europe, and the UK. Companies who are interested in finding out more should contact us.

About VES

VES are a specialist company offering leak test solutions worldwide. All machines are designed in Manchester, United Kingdom and are in use worldwide.