Our experienced engineer Alexis (pic left) over from Mexico working on a PURE Helium Recovery System being produced at our facility in Manchester for a multinational company that invents and manufactures building controls worldwide.

This particular PURE System is to accompany and operate alongside three hard vacuum OptVol single chamber leak detection systems currently being manufactured for production line leak testing the performance of gas meter housings, in order they meet strict regulations for domestic and residential duties.

Our OptVol machines are an all-in-one leak test system, that are lightweight with a small footprint, enabling ease of movement between production lines as demand changes. Along with all the complex leak test technology within the leak test system, inside the test chamber we design and produce customer specific tooling that can be easily interchangeable in order to connect and secure component variants.

Our PURE system was conceived and designed for recycling and reusing costly helium, recycling and reusing helium not only reduces costs for gas meter manufacturers but also contributes to the global effort to conserve this valuable resource.

By implementing helium recovery systems, manufacturers can lower their helium consumption and reduce their dependence on fresh helium supplies, systems like VES PURE are paving the way for a sustainable future in leak testing.

Once our leak test systems have passed their stringent factory acceptance testing by our experienced engineers they’ll be dispatched, Installed and commissioned with onsite safety and operator training.

For assistance with our safe, reliable and efficient leak detection systems with helium recovery systems designed for testing advanced gas meter components, please contact our sales engineers by email at sales@vac-eng.com