Helium Recovery System ‘PURE’ Explained

Global helium supplies are continuously running short in supply and if you’re in the industry you’re well aware of this. However, maintaining your helium supply and using it efficiently is something that all manufacturers are taking seriously.

One of the methods in which they use to do this efficiently is they use a standard helium recovery system. A standard helium recovery system will basically take the exhaust gas from the helium tester, collect it, compress it and deliver it back to the machinery. Consumption of helium from these systems is supposed to greatly reduce.

However, what we’ve found, are leaks on the machinery, leaks on the pipework, leaks on the distribution that are actually contributing towards contaminating the helium supply coming from these standard recovery systems. So, essentially in reality, they are far less efficient and far less useful than they intended to be.

At VES we have been looking at these failure modes of existing recovery systems and we are very excited to introduce VES PURE. VES PURE is a helium recovery system able to handle the reality of production environments and applications and handle the contaminated gas that quite often comes to the recovery systems by separating the helium and the air.

So, the PURE system is able again to store the helium, filter the air out from the helium supply and then deliver a within specification gas supply back to the helium leak test machine (HLT).

This allows for the real-world production environment and applications get a much more efficient way of handling their helium supply.

VES’ PURE is a revolutionary technology and we are very excited to bring it to the market.

For more information please email sales@vac-eng.com or visit https://vac-eng.com/helium-recovery-systems/ for further details.