Vacuum Leak Detection System for Leak Testing Motor Vehicle Fuel Rails

Another successful factory acceptance test was carried out recently on this single chamber vacuum leak detection system with helium recovery ­at our manufacturing facility in Manchester, which has been designed for validating the leak tightness of vehicle fuel rails.

Fuel rails supply the high pressure fuel to the engine combustion chamber and are a critical component of the fuel injector, built to achieve the high levels of fuel efficiency needed, alongside the environmental performance required because of the increased regulation of exhaust gases.

The leak test system has been designed to accommodate testing three-cylinder and four-cylinder vehicle fuel rails, so their specific tooling can be easily, safely and quickly changed over depending on production requirements in future, along with recovering and reusing the costly helium used for accurately testing the fuel rails.

The leak detection system has been produced for a well-known multinational automobile manufacturer and we welcomed one of their engineers to our facility to actively take part carrying out testing the fuel rails, alongside our project dedicated engineers, providing confidence that the system meets specification, quality, safety and performance standards before being shipped out to its intended production facility in Brazil.

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