Some of our service and maintenance engineers were busy in the Czech Republic recently, carrying out a comprehensive annual service on several helium leak testing systems manufactured and installed a number of years ago.

The service was at a huge motor parts manufacturing facility that produces fluid storage, fluid carrying and fuel delivery systems, fuel filler pipes and fuel tank systems for globally renowned automotive brands.

During the service, our engineers thoroughly inspect a full list of key leak test system components and perform routine maintenance tasks, including stripping down and overhauling the vacuum pumps, including changing the oil and relubricating, replacing a multitude of seals and filters with pipework and couplings stripped and cleaned.

The leak test systems are re-assembled and calibrated with each of the machines specific performance criteria fully checked prior to them being released back into operational duties, run cost-efficiently and operating effectively.

It’s important to keep the systems in good working condition and prevent unexpected breakdowns, good practice for maintaining the longevity and efficiency and meet specific leak test cycle time requirements.

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