Great to see our sustainability award land in the hands of Rachael our Sustainability Manager.

VES’ parent company Indutrade launched its sustainability awards to acknowledge the diverse and important work within the group, created to inspire and promote the message of sustainable change.

Companies were nominated for one of each category: People, Environment and Products & Customers, with VES proud winners of the Products & Customers award.

With thirty-year’s experience and knowledge in producing leak detection systems for the traditional automotive industry, our machines are often produced to ensure automotive components do not leak greenhouse gases past certain levels, based on strict environmental compliance.

VES’ solid foundations helped identify and target the potential growth and requirement for leak detection systems required for the growing hydrogen mobility market.

With a combination of hard work and determination the VES team was successfully awarded several major projects providing leak detection solutions for testing high pressure type 4 hydrogen storage tanks required for fuelling hydrogen powered cars, buses and trucks.

We’re proud that this work in the hydrogen mobility sector will allow VES to have a real impact on the planets push towards net zero.

Rachael will be continuing with our strategic framework and focus areas, including regular scheduled sustainability awareness sessions for all employees in the near future.

For assistance with our safe, reliable and efficient leak detection systems and solutions for testing hydrogen fuel tanks, please contact our sales engineers by email at