Leak testing machines are an essential component of manufacturing processes, ensuring that products meet required quality standards before they are released to the market. While the accuracy and reliability of these machines are crucial, energy efficiency is another factor that manufacturers should prioritise. In this article, we will discuss why energy efficiency matters in leak testing machines and how it can benefit manufacturers.

The benefits of energy efficiency are clear: it reduces energy consumption, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions, saves money on energy bills, and helps to extend the lifespan of the machine. In the case of leak testing machines, energy efficiency is especially important since these machines typically operate continuously, consuming a significant amount of energy over time.

There are several ways that leak testing machines can be made more energy efficient. One approach is to optimise the system design to minimise energy waste, for example, by reducing the size of the vacuum chamber, using smaller pumps, or optimising the gas flow rate. Another approach is to use advanced technology that can achieve the same level of accuracy with lower energy consumption, such as VES’ OptVol Technology.

An example of such technology is VES’ OptVol Technology, which has revolutionised leak testing by reducing power consumption by 92%, footprint by 74%, pump oil by 67%, weight by 85%, and helium consumption by 44% compared to traditional systems. OptVol machines are also lightweight and compact, reducing the energy required to move them between production lines, resulting in significant cost savings for manufacturers and reduced environmental impact.

Energy efficiency is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a leak testing machine. Not only does it reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, but it also saves money on energy bills and improves the lifespan of the machine. VES’ OptVol Technology is a leading example of how advanced technology can achieve high levels of accuracy with minimal energy consumption. By prioritising energy efficiency in the design of our machines, VES is helping manufacturers to reduce their environmental impact, save money on energy bills, and improve efficiency in their production processes.