You’ve probably already heard of PURE, VES’s innovative solution for recapturing and reusing helium, but why should you integrate it into your helium leak testing process? Here’s a quick rundown of some of the benefits of the PURE Helium Recovery system.

why should you choose pure?

PURE helium recovery and purification system

  1. PURIFIES – PURE can accept helium mixed in air/nitrogen as low as 5% and purify it to your required machine input pressure and concentration up to 90-99% at 50 bar or less.
  2. CONVENIENT – PURE does not require the pre-evacuation levels of the machine to be changed, so there’s no need to drastically change cycle times.
  3. VERSATILE – The PURE System works with all helium leak testing systems and can be retrofitted onto older machines.
  4. EASY INSTALLATION – Seup is quick and easy – with no need to shut down production.
  5. COST EFFICIENT – The PURE System can be easily transformed between the lines to maximise savings.

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