Our CEO, Luke Sansby will be presenting soon at the Hydrogen Tech Expo being held on Wednesday 6th March in Telford, England.

The event is titled ‘EXPLORE THE HYDROGEN REVOLUTION’ and will bring together a whole host of speakers, exhibitors, business leaders and innovators from across the hydrogen arena and is one of the largest events of its type in the UK.

Luke will present ‘A Novel Way of Testing Hydrogen Pressure Vessels (HPV’s) for Leakage Using a Nitrogen Tracer Gas – Enabling sustainable, lower OPEX and lower CAPEX production of HPV’s’ for around 15 minutes at 1:25pm.

Leak testing hydrogen pressure vessels (HPV’s) with current methodology is capitally and operationally expensive and technically complex. Mixing, compressing, recovering and re-compressing high volumetric flows of gas requires large amounts of power, delicate gas temperature control and robust gas composition monitoring to ensure validity of the leak test and integrity of the HPV.

These considerations lead to leak detection systems with long lead times, high complexity and expensive solutions for the critical safety step in HPV manufacture.

VES realised that by reducing the complexity and increasing sustainability for leak testing HPV production, it would improve our collective ability to bring large scale HPV production to the market and drive H2 mobility to achieve science-based climate goals.

Talks and networking sessions run throughout the day within the exhibition halls providing fantastic footfall and the perfect opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their innovative products and services to a high value audience.

Professionals who attend the expo on the day will also have access to the presentation library post event providing fantastic content free of charge.

The UK’s vision, resources and know-how are ideally suited to a rapidly developing and thriving hydrogen economy.



09:00 – 16:30, Hydrogen Tech Expo, 6th March 2024, International Centre, Telford, TF3 4JH.

Click the link below for your free attendance pass.