100% Leak-Tested Battery Cells

VES are proud to introduce CellCheck, our end-of-line battery cell leak detection machine designed specifically for leak testing battery cells.


CellCheck Benchtop

Our manually operated benchtop machine, CellCheck, is ideal when floorspace is at a premium.

  • Small, portable machine

  • Guarantees leak tightness

  • Test multiple cells or completed modules at one time

CellCheck Pro

Our automated CellCheck Pro machine is able to handle larger production lines quickly and efficiently.

  • Clean room design

  • Fully automated

  • Fast cycle time

WALLS Battery Cell Machine Batch Producion Main Assy Single Conveyor

The future of renewable energy relies on battery cells, so it’s vital that they are safe and reliable. We created CellCheck to enable battery manufacturers to offer both customers and end-users peace of mind that their products are as safe as possible.

– Luke Sansby, Sales Director

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