VES, the world leader in helium leak testing, has launched their best in class OptVol Technology™, with a 74% reduction in footprint, 92% reduction in electrical consumption and  44% less helium required per cycle, when compared to traditional hard vacuum tracer gas systems.

Manchester-based engineering company VES are proud to announce the launch of their OptVol Technology™, a recent innovation in helium leak testing. A helium leak testing system that incorporates OptVol Technology™ benefits from a small footprint, easily interchangeable tooling for different product variants, and a lightweight design for ease of movement between production lines, as production demands change.

VES, with over 25 years of leak testing experience, have combined their knowledge and expertise to create this best-in-class leak testing technology. “As a company, we are committed to providing energy-saving solutions to customers,” says Daniel Michael, Head of Engineering at VES. “We are proud of our OptVol Technology™; it complements our current systems, helping them to run smoother by having fewer spare parts and serviceable items. This ultimately reduces downtime. It is also significantly compact, so takes up very little space and has much lower running costs than typical setups.”

The company have completed a formal analysis comparing OptVol Technology™ with traditional hard vacuum tracer gas systems and have recorded significant improvements across all data points.

  • 74% reduction in footprint
  • 85% reduction in weight
  • 10% improvement in cycle times  
  • 92% reduction in power consumption
  • 44% reduction in helium consumption

About OptVol

OptVol Technology is supported by the VES service network USA/Mexico, Europe, and the UK. Companies who are interested in finding out more should contact us.

About VES

VES are a specialist company offering leak test solutions worldwide. All machines are designed in Manchester, United Kingdom and are in use throughout the world.