Here’s Duane, running our very busy VES New Energies stores department, a vitally important link and interaction between suppliers and internal departments.

Our VES New Energies division is innovating leak detection methods for production testing hydrogen pressure vessels (HPVs), essential for their validity and integrity for use in hydrogen powered vehicles.

Creating the leak detection solutions and equipment needed to accelerate the green transition to zero-emission vehicles, requires the stores department implements essential inventory control measures and maintains accurate records.

The department is responsible for storing materials in appropriate facilities. This includes organising the storage space efficiently, implementing proper shelving and labelling systems and ensuring that inventory is easily accessible when needed, ready for issuing and distributing the right materials when they’re needed for production at the right time.

This also includes raw materials, components, spare parts, tools, safety equipment and other supplies necessary for building our leak detection solutions.

For assistance with how our customised leak detection solutions are shaping the future of HPV leak testing email, or visit our website for more information: