Electrical Engineer Wendel, along with our other highly skilled experienced engineers are building a single chamber helium leak test system designed for testing a range of next generation compressors for commercial heating applications.

The compressors use multiple refrigerants, so they require a highly efficient, accurate method with proven leak detection equipment for testing their leak tightness to achieve strict environmental regulatory compliance.

The compressor will arrive on a conveyor into the leak test chamber and be connected manually, then a vacuum is created in the chamber whilst charging the compressor with dry air for a pressure drop test.

With a successful pressure drop test the compressor will then be evacuated and charged with helium tracer gas to the pre-determined pressure. The mass spectrometer, which detects minute quantities of helium is connected to the vacuum chamber and should the compressor leak, helium will be detected in the chamber. All carried out within a customer specified cycle time and pass/fail criteria.

The broad range of compressors are produced by a global provider of sustainable climate solutions, innovatively driving the HVACR market towards more sustainable choices so end users ultimately reduce energy consumption and costs.

For assistance with our robust and highly efficient leak detection systems designed for testing sustainable HVACR climate solutions, please contact our sales engineers by email at sales@vac-eng.com