We have another video https://vac-eng.com/resource/leak-testing-compressors-used-in-hvac-and-refrigeration/ showing a leak test system designed for testing the leak tightness of variously sized compressors that will be integrated into HVAC and refrigeration systems being manufactured for a globally renowned company that’s been producing air conditioning and refrigeration innovations for over 100 years.

A single compressor will automatically feed and couple up inside the vessel chamber, a vacuum is then created in the chamber whilst simultaneously charging the compressor with air for a pressure drop test. If the pressure drop test is successfully completed, then the compressor is evacuated and charged with helium tracer gas to a specified pressure and test cycle.

The mass spectrometer, which detects minute quantities of helium is connected to the vacuum chamber, should the compressor leak, the tracer gas will be detected in the chamber.

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