Happy New Year everyone! We’ve started 2024 with our engineers in Manchester, here in the UK, preparing a specially designed and manufactured leak test module (LTM) ready for being dispatched this week.

The leak test module, designed by our VES New Energies division is to accompany the high pressure gas generation, storage and processing container units, which are already en route to its final destination overseas, to one of the largest integrated automobile manufacturing facilities in the world.

An assembled team of experienced engineers will be following shortly to work on-site at the leading automotive mega-factory to install and commission the innovative leak detection system.

These leak testing systems, which includes the high pressure generation unit (HPGU) and the leak test module (LTM) are designed and built for integration into advanced high volume hydrogen automotive production lines for testing high pressure hydrogen fuel tanks prior to being fitted into the next generation of hydrogen powered vehicles.

VES is excited and committed to the challenging journey ahead, helping create the move towards a more sustainable automotive future, engineering our way through the energy transition, by providing customer specific innovative leak detection solutions for a greener alternative.

For assistance with our advanced leak detection systems designed for testing hydrogen fuel tanks, please contact our sales engineers by email at sales@vac-eng.com, or visit https://vac-eng.com/leak-testing-systems-and-solutions/hydrogen-fuel-tank-testing/