Come and see us this year on booth 550 at the Hydrogen Technology Expo 2024, NRG Center, Houston, Texas, USA, from 26th to 27th of June.

VES has been designing and manufacturing customised leak detection systems for 30 years for leading manufacturers globally, we’ll have Luke Sansby (CEO), Rob Inglis (US General Manager) and Michael Turner (US Business Development) ready to discuss leak testing hydrogen storage tanks using 100% nitrogen as the tracer gas.

They’ll be around to answer questions around our current leak testing methods and the equipment required, along with the revolutionary and newly patented method for leak testing high pressure hydrogen storage vessels used in hydrogen powered vehicles to meet rigorous global regulatory standards.

This new method uses 100% nitrogen (N2) as the tracer gas. Current leak testing methods for testing the validity of hydrogen pressure vessels (HPVs) are more expensive, complex and can potentially be environmentally unfriendly.

VES’ groundbreaking leak testing method and technology is built on solid foundations providing current solutions transforming automotive production lines around the world, with a global support network and unrivalled expertise to customers in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

This sustainable method significantly reduces costs and increases production along with leaving a greener footprint.

Hydrogen mobility is zero tail-pipe emissions.

For assistance with how our customised leak detection solutions are shaping the future of HPV leak testing email, or visit our website for more information: