Such a pleasure for our engineers having customers over from the United States with us recently and join us at our facility in Manchester, so they can get their hands on their newly built leak detection systems.

They were over for the crucial factory acceptance testing, where our engineers run through various formal tests with the customer to verify all the different aspects of the leak test machines functionality, performance, reliability, safety, and compliance with standards and specifications.

It’s equally important we share our knowledge and experience, so our customer understands the leak detection system hardware and the software that’s been engineered and created for them, so they know how to operate it safely and get the most out of its operational duties.

These complex leak test systems were ordered through our experienced engineers based in our North American division and are meticulously designed for production testing advanced HDPE blow-molded fuel tanks that have been manufactured for heavy-duty all-terrain vehicle (ATVs) built for demanding applications and environments.

The FAT helps to identify and resolve any issues or discrepancies there may be before the leak test systems are despatched, installed and commissioned by our engineers at their production facility.

It’s an opportunity for the customer to spend a number of days familiarising themselves with the leak test systems, ensuring they meet their needs and expectations. Checking fuel tanks for potential leaks is challenging and requires specialised leak detection systems so they meet strict evaporative emission standards throughout the life of the tank.

We’re all proud our leak detection systems are designed and manufactured for major automotive blow-molded fuel tank suppliers, however, most importantly is that we strive to provide the best quality service and leak test solution we can, with a partnership mentality between ourselves and our customer.

For assistance with our safe, reliable and efficient leak detection systems designed for testing blow-molded fuel tanks, please contact our sales engineers by email at