Damian pictured here is one of our experienced Electrical Engineers that has worked on producing a wide range of customised leak detection systems over many years collaborating with our electrical design, mechanical and software engineers to integrate electrical systems into projects.

He’s one of a team busy building the essential electrical systems on one of the Leak Test Modules (LTM) designed for testing the leak tightness of four of the hydrogen type 4 storage tanks simultaneously.

The leak test systems we’re producing are shipped globally and located in leading car manufacturing facilities that are producing hydrogen powered vehicles. The tanks are used for hydrogen mobility, where the hydrogen needs to be stored at high pressures and the weight being kept as low as possible.

Leak tightness is a requirement for hydrogen pressure vessels so that they safely retain the hydrogen stored within it and so it only releases it in a safely controlled measure.

Damian’s electrical experience and skills with electrical power generation and distribution ensures our advanced leak detection machines comply with industry standards and regulations in order to contribute and help shape the future sustainable transportation for zero tail-pipe emissions.

For assistance with how our customised leak detection solutions are shaping the future of HPV leak testing for hydrogen mobility email sales@vac-eng.com, or visit our website for more information: https://www.vesnewenergies.com/