It was fantastic to see some of our high pressure gas storage and gas processing units being dispatched from our VES New Energies facility in Westhoughton, Greater Manchester recently ready for shipping overseas.

The two container units are purpose-built for generating and processing the high pressure gas used for leak testing hydrogen fuel tanks prior to being fitted into vehicles. The specified tracer gas mixture is stored at various pressures ready for each stage of the test cycle and reused repeatedly, thus reducing the costs of replenishing the high pressure gas.

These forty feet containers, collectively named the HPGU, or high pressure gas unit and will be located next to one another outside of the automotive manufacturing facility under a canopied structure, designed to withstand the climatic conditions of the country it will be situated in. Along with the leak test module, they will be integrated into advanced high volume automotive production lines.

For assistance with our advanced leak detection systems designed for testing hydrogen fuel tanks, please contact our sales engineers by email at