Here’s Andrea, VES’ Chief Engineer at one of our Manchester facilities working on the PLC programming for the latest Leak Test Module (LTM) which tests the validity of four, type IV hydrogen storage tanks simultaneously in its vacuum chamber.

The Leak Test Module component is currently in production along with the High Pressure Generation Unit (HPGU) which mixes, compresses, recovers and reuses the customer specified tracer gas test mixture.

Joining VES straight after graduating Andrea has played a vital role in VES’ success and growth. Her ability to connect theory to practical application has earned her a reputation as one of the go-to engineers for complex technical challenges.

Andrea’s also dedicated to promoting STEM education, mentoring young engineers and volunteering with the IMechE. She is a passionate advocate for sustainability, machinery safety and inspiring the next generation of engineers.

As leak testing continues to advance along with various other transformative new technologies, Andrea remains at the forefront of engineering innovations. She is excited by the endless possibilities the future holds and is committed to shaping sustainable transportation for zero tail-pipe emissions.

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