Leaking battery cells can be disastrous; not only do they compromise the performance of a device, but they can also be hazardous. To mitigate these risks, it’s important to conduct rigorous leak testing during the manufacturing process. 

Enter CellCheck, an innovative end-of-line leak detection machine, designed to set new industry standards. So, what sets it apart? Let’s explore.

Before we delve into the unique features of CellCheck, it’s worth understanding the limitations of traditional methods. Current leak testers often function only at specific stages of the production line, typically before the lithium-ion liquid is introduced. The problem? This leaves the latter stages of the process, such as the final weld, without adequate testing—posing significant risks.

What makes CellCheck revolutionary is its ability to test battery cells comprehensively, from start to finish. We’ve designed it to function at the end of the production line, assessing the leak-tightness of a finished product. This way, it offers an assurance that other testers can’t provide.

Unpacking the Consequences of Leaks

To understand the significance of CellCheck, let’s break down the potential ramifications of a leaking battery cell:

  • Hydrofluoric Acid Emission: A leak could release harmful chemicals, posing health risks.
  • Overheating and Combustion: The integrity of the battery is compromised, increasing the risk of overheating and potential fire.
  • Reduced Efficiency: Leaks can cause the entire battery pack to underperform, affecting the end product.
  • High Replacement Costs: The fallout from leaking cells isn’t just dangerous; it can also be costly.

Given these risks, CellCheck’s end-of-line leak detection is a much-needed solution, offering comprehensive, reliable testing. By providing leak-tight guarantees, it brings peace of mind to both manufacturers and end-users alike.

Why CellCheck is Different

Customisation and Adaptability

Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, CellCheck is tailored to suit different types of battery cells. This adaptability allows manufacturers to easily integrate CellCheck into various production lines.

Safety First, Always

Safety is non-negotiable. The meticulous approach of CellCheck ensures that every battery cell that comes off the production line is as safe as it is efficient.

What’s Next?

We have always been about innovation. With over 25 years in the leak-testing industry, we’ve seen first-hand the changing needs and evolving challenges. As the battery industry grows, the focus is gradually shifting towards more sustainable and safer production methods. Rest assured, CellCheck is a leap in the right direction.

By addressing the blind spots in traditional leak testing, CellCheck is setting new standards for reliability, safety, and efficiency. As we look towards a future where these attributes are essential, it’s solutions like CellCheck that are paving the way.