Our team of dedicated service and maintenance engineers were in South Africa recently, carrying out in-depth checks on one of our leak test systems for a globally renowned producer of automotive fuel tanks.

Initial inspections revealed underperforming test cycle times with the leak test system too slow evacuating both the vessel chamber and the test component. The helium recovery system was also working inefficiently, using more precious and costly helium than necessary.

The vacuum chamber pumps had also suffered heavy wear due to continuously operating for several years without a service – resulting in poor performance. Normally certain key parts get replenished and lubricated with an annual service and these parts would likely fail if they’re not checked, resulting in potential pump failure, oil leaks or seizures.

Service and maintenance are essential activities performed to keep the equipment and systems in good working condition and to meet specific leak test cycle time requirements. Scheduled maintenance, repairs, inspections and other tasks help prevent breakdowns and downtime, ultimately prolonging the life of our leak detection systems and supporting equipment.

Our engineers successfully managed to reduce twenty-seven seconds off the overall cycle time, along with identifying and addressing the helium leakage, making the leak test system run cost-efficiently, and operate effectively.

For assistance with our advanced leak detection systems, along with essential service and maintenance please contact our service engineers by email at service@vac-eng.com, or visit https://vac-eng.com/support for more information.