With all the benefits it provides, investing in a leak detection machine of any type is an easy decision to make.

Selecting the right one is a little more challenging.

As well as all the crucial technical factors you need to consider, there are also several other factors to think about when making your purchase decision in order to avoid problems and headaches down the line.

Here are some of them and – most importantly – how to make the right decision for your situation.


1. Consultancy – Finding the right machine for your requirements

Whether you are looking to adapt, update or replace your machine, you must ensure that the provider can undertake the work you need, both in capacity and knowledge.

The right supplier will be able to recommend and make the changes you need in a way that reasonably suits your budget.


2. Training and Technical Support

During our 27 years of experience in the leak detection market, we have noticed that many companies in the industry do not provide sufficient training and technical support for the leak detection machine. This can lead to problems from day one, which will only get worse over time. Ensure your supplier provides the following:

  • Training: Before bringing the leak detection machine onto your shop floor, make sure that the provider has given exhaustive training to everyone who will have a relationship with the machine. Everyone, from maintenance, quality, and production managers to operators, must know the correct operation of the machine and what to do in the event of a failure. This will save you problems in the future and your internal team and will be able to help you avoid most production stoppages.
  • Technical Support: When you purchase your machine, it is vital that your relationship with the provider doesn’t end when the machine reaches your shop floor. When there’s an emergency, you need a quick response. A slow response can lead to serious problems such as production stoppages or accidents. This is why, when you purchase a machine, you need to know if the provider has a reputation for quick and efficient repairs and effective maintenance.


3. Leak Detection Machine Warranties

A Leak Detection Machine is often an expensive investment, so in order to protect your company’s investment, it’s important to make sure the supplier gives you the machine’s guarantee in writing, both physically and digitally, for your records. You must go through the guarantee point by point with the supplier to ensure you both fully understand their obligations and what you must do to ensure the guarantee applies. It’s not unheard of for suppliers to hide information in contracts with customers, and sometimes this can cost customers a lot of money because they don’t understand what is covered by the guarantee and what is not. The guarantee must also be explained to the management team responsible for the leak detection machine.


4. Additional Services

The subject of additional services in leak detection machines is very broad and varies according to the machine and each provider. Here are just some factors you may need to consider as part of your decision:

  • Spare Parts: Make sure that your supplier has a stock of the spare parts your leak detection machine might need, and if they don’t have stock, find out the delivery time so that you do not have delays when it is necessary to change a part. If the supplier is using original parts, they must also have a guarantee. Some suppliers only offer some spare parts, excluding original parts which often have a shorter lifespan and will need to be changed regularly, increasing your maintenance costs.
  • Leak Calibration: You must have your leak rates correctly calibrated so that your leak detection machine doesn’t show errors when operating. This leak calibration must comply with international standards and should come with a validation certificate, which acts as a guarantee. Unfortunately, this isn’t a service every supplier offers, so in some cases, you might need to organise this yourself.
  • Maintenance Policy: The provider you choose must have the infrastructure to provide annual, semi-annual, and quarterly maintenance as necessary around your schedule. This will enable you to stop production for maintenance at times in the production cycle that are most convenient for you.
  • Consultancy: In recent years, we’ve noticed that a lot of companies who have approached us seek to improve, increase or update their machines. While we have the technology and infrastructure capacity to support this, not all providers are capable of this. Whether you are looking to add to, adapt, or replace your machine, you must ensure that the provider you choose to work with is capable of undertaking the work you need, both in capacity and knowledge. The right supplier will be able to make the changes you need in a way that reasonably suits your budget.

A leak detection machine is a big investment, but is absolutely crucial to compliance with HSE and legal standards, so it’s important to get it right first time. If you need to discuss these points in more detail, our expert team are always on hand – contact us via our webform, or book a call with us for a no-obligation discussion about your leak detection needs.