VES’ parent company, Indutrade, initiated its Sustainability Awards last year to recognise the exceptional work happening within the group, aimed at inspiring and promoting sustainable change.

Companies could be nominated for one of three categories: People, Environment, and Products & Customers.

This year, VES proudly won the Products & Customers award!

VES is well known for producing leak testing systems in the traditional automotive industry, and we often provide equipment to ensure manufactured automotive components don’t exceed specified greenhouse gas emission levels. This activity is part of our commitment to environmental compliance.

Our strong foundation in this area facilitated the identification and targeting of potential growth in the hydrogen mobility market. This strategic move, along with plenty of hard work and determination, led to the VES team securing several projects. These involve providing leak testing for Type 4 high-pressure vessels produced for hydrogen-powered cars, buses, and trucks on a mass production scale.

The team’s unity and resilience in facing various challenges promise more success in the future, as we continue to expand our market knowledge and ensure that our value proposition aligns with evolving market needs.

Our work in the hydrogen sector enables us to significantly contribute to the planet’s push for carbon neutrality. But we’re not stopping there. By 2024, VES aims to launch the world’s most sustainable high-pressure vessel leak test yet!

Heartfelt congratulations are also in order for the winners in the People category: Verplas Ltd, and the Environment category: GPA Flowsystem AS.