Not long ago, our VES, Manchester family had the pleasure of welcoming Kian, a bright Year 10 pupil from a local secondary school. As part of our ongoing support for STEM education, our wonderful ambassadors spent several days introducing Kian to the mesmerising world of vacuum engineering.

Through his time with us, Kian got a colourful glimpse into the myriad of STEM careers that he might one day choose to pursue. From exploring intricate design models to understanding the complex systems currently in production, he was able to experience the full breadth of our business.

But what really ignited Kian’s eyes was when he got to roll up his sleeves and dive headfirst into building a part of a valve panel assembly. He confessed it was a bit tough, but with a sprinkle of guidance and a dash of teamwork, we made it more than achievable.

Kian was like a sponge, soaking up every bit of knowledge with tremendous enthusiasm. He was genuinely appreciative of the opportunity his teachers afforded him – a chance to peek into the real-world applications of engineering and see first-hand its profound impact on society.

But above all, it was the warm welcome and support from the VES team that touched Kian the most. A special shout-out goes to Andrea and Jonny, who, with their trademark kindness and friendliness, made Kian’s visit an unforgettable one.