We recently attended the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell event, Hannover Messe, where we had a chance to connect with old faces and hopefully forge new partnerships.

A fantastic opportunity to be in the mix, discussing the many advancements taking place regarding leak testing hydrogen mobility and storage composite vessels, along with testing the various fuel cell technologies.

It was a chance to explore how VES’ leak detection solutions can contribute with accurately testing these components in order to meet stringent industry regulations.

We discussed our OptVol solution, an all-in-one leak testing machine specifically designed for fuel cell manufacturers, Our helium leak testing machines small footprint, easily interchangeable tooling for different product variants and lightweight mobile design. We also discussed how our hydrogen fuel tank testing solutions are contributing to the green transition to zero emission vehicles.

For assistance with our advanced leak testing solutions and customised systems, please contact our sales engineers by email at sales@vac-eng.com for more information.