Our talented project engineers have been hard at work developing leak detection systems for a major HVAC manufacturer’s next-generation aluminium coils.These essential components in air conditioning units require precise quality control and testing for leaks.

VES is providing a suite of customised leak test machines equipped with our latest innovations to improve test speed, accuracy, and data collection.

The system allows operators to simply scan a barcode to automatically configure all test settings, a huge time-saver over manual data entry.

“We collaborated closely with the client to understand their specific leak detection needs for different coil models. Our engineering team programmed recipe profiles for various test scenarios which get loaded from the HMI right after barcode scanning,” said Ben, Project Lead, pictured above.

The user-friendly interface, automated test configuration, and detailed data tracing capabilities ensure efficient, watertight testing with minimal operator input. Our machines provide the performance and reliability needed for high-volume HVAC manufacturing.

Our goal is to continue pushing leak detection technology forward. Our expertise in custom test machine engineering combined with our commitment to responsive customer service allows us to deliver innovative solutions to serve industry-leading manufacturers.

For more on VES’s advanced leak testing capabilities, contact our engineering team today!