Helium leak specialists introduce the next generation of helium recovery system.

Worldwide helium leak test specialists Vacuum Engineering Services (VES) have launched PURE, Helium Recovery and Purification System.

VES’ PURE system helps automotive tier 1 supply chain manufacturers recover more helium and reuse it at higher purity than other helium recovery systems, ensuring systems reduce helium usage and increase line profitability. This is more essential than ever with the rising costs of helium, and with current environmental concerns regarding the shortage of helium.

The PURE system can be used on any helium leak testing machine from any supplier and has a shorter install time than other helium recovery systems, making it easily transferrable between machines. 

VES’ Sales Director Luke Sansby says “with the recent helium shortage, we decided it was more important than ever to reuse helium. Our expert engineers created the PURE system because we wanted our customers to get the most from their helium, especially now costs have risen, regardless of what testing machines they use.”

The first PURE systems will be available in the summer of 2020. VES’ expert service teams are fully trained on the new system and will be on hand to support installation wherever necessary.

Please contact Vacuum Engineering Services on Tel: +44 161 866 6307 or email: info@vac-eng.com for more information.