Here’s just a quick drone fly around of our New Energies facility ( where the leak detection systems are designed and built for testing the validity of hydrogen storage vessels.

We’re building our systems to precise specifications, leak testing sensitivities and cycle times for manufacturers of composite hydrogen pressure vessels who demand the highest standards in safety and compliance, providing customised leak test systems integrated into automotive production lines.

Certified to meet R134 and TCATSI standards, our leak test solutions are modular in design and scalable with production needs and demands. Leak detection accuracy, cost-effective flexibility and future-proof capabilities ensuring hydrogen storage tank integrity and global compliance.

VES’ technology is built on solid foundations with providing current solutions operational throughout automotive production lines around the world, with a global support network and expertise to customers in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

For assistance with how our customised leak detection solutions are helping shape the future of hydrogen pressure vessel leak testing for hydrogen mobility email, or visit our website for more information: