Hi All,

After our initial COVID update back in March, we have remained relatively quiet on our social media channels regarding the impact of COVID on our business. Although we have kept a close eye on events and have been strictly following all local guidelines and implementing above and beyond safety measures for the VES businesses around the world, we have been putting our energy and focus into what really matters: Supporting our customers.

Throughout the period of lockdown, our factory adapted to the new ways of working and continued to seamlessly operate. We delivered our business KPIs designed to deliver the best products, on time and to budget exceeded expectations! Our customers’ timelines were met whilst our staff were safeguarded.

Here is how we did it:

In anticipation of the potential spread of the virus, the VES management team took some brave decisions to prepare for all functions, where possible, for home office working – indeed way in advance of the Government restrictions were imposed, investing in new remote access, collaboration, technical and communication tools to ensure we seamlessly continued operating. Our clear objective being to both protect customer projects and to give the best protection to our superb employees. We bulk ordered PPE and hand sanitiser and installed several additional handwashing stations and additional protocols whilst increasing cleaning frequency and methods of operation in communal areas including anti-viral cleaning practices.

ALL areas of the business conducted individual activity risk assessments and acted on those findings way in advance of the guidance as we defined the VES COVID Safe Practices. Operationally, we have implemented a new shift structure in coordination with our staff in order to implement social/work bubbles and improve the available space to ensure the best social distancing with the result of keeping both our employees safe and customers satisfied.

In anticipation of bringing our remote workers back on site, we have restructured the office environment spacing and to offer the best protection we have purchased and installed personal space Perspex shielding for all office areas.

The VES purchasing team worked seamlessly with our key suppliers to adjust our stock levels in anticipation of potential disruptions, which fortunately have been minimal. Utilising our modular system, we were able to issue kits and ensure no material delays caused disruptions to our customers’ timelines. All this despite implementing an incoming quarantine on goods to ensure no COVID transmission.

Thanks to the advanced planning within our engineering team we were also able to easily move to a remote working operation, with duplicate CAD stations being installed in home offices for mechanical and electrical designers. Project engineers installed strict handovers with the manufacturing team to ensure zero crossover and all software writing was conducted remotely. Where necessary, we conducted remote FAT’s with our customers using online meeting software to maintain timelines. For real-world installations, we were in early communication with our customers to understand their local government advice and their organisation’s protocols, we planned with them and our staff to ensure everyone’s safety. Then, when possible, we began to conduct on-site works again after providing our own COVID safety measures and reviewing theirs.

Our dedicated service personnel were available for remote support throughout the COVID lockdown, and spare part kits stock were transferred where necessary to customers or into VES service vehicles, increasing our accessibility and ability to support customers. VES did not force a furlough situation on any staff and we were 100% available to support our customers over the entire time of the virus lockdown.

We are very proud of our team’s response to this very strange situation and how VES has supported both our team’s wellbeing and our customers. This is why we are trusted by some of the largest manufacturers around the world as their leak test partners.

As the world changes again as we approach the post COVID era, VES are already thinking about what our customers will require to keep them competitive moving forward. VES are looking forward to the challenge and look forward to working with you.

If you still need convincing our company is the right choice, watch the video and see the team, their energy and passion for yourselves.



Luke Sansby

VES Sales Director